Packing design facelift at Speick Natural Cosmetics. A modern, new design for all Speick products.

Those with a keen eye, and all Speick enthusiasts, are sure to notice it immediately: In the next few months, all the Speick products will have a brand new image. Leading the way, naturally, will be the classic soap.

In the course of the company’s history, spanning over 90 years, not only has the Speick brand product range changed – the designs have also been frequently modified to reflect current trends. Looking back, our products have been given a visual makeover every ten years. Now it’s time for the next phase in modernizing the design.

The packaging design has become even more streamlined and concise. We’ve updated our red brand signal with a new distinguishing feature: the inimitable Speick plant! This symbol will now be applied exclusively worldwide not only in, but also on, all Speick products.

The Speick Natural series – with its traditional original Speick fragrance – will become even easier to recognize. Moreover, in response to the requests and suggestions from many of our consumers, Speick Natural will now become Speick Original.  The different series will still be characterized by the different color schemes, which have only been slightly modified for the two series Speick Original and Speick Men, allowing consumers to easily find their favorite products on the shelf.

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