Each figure is shaped and painted by hand with devotion and care. Ostheimer figures, with their expressive colors and soft finish, are in harmony with nature in material as well as image.


Sawing: After using stencils to trace the figure’s outlines onto planed wood, a band saw is used to cut out the individual pieces. At this, as well as at all other stages of production, each figure is subject to quality control.




Sanding: The typical soft-edged form of Ostheimer toys is achieved by careful handcrafted sanding of each piece. Once the figure has been given its final form, the sanded edges are further refined in careful handwork.




Painting: Color is applied to the figures in the production process with up to six consecutive coats. The transparent colors are applied by hand, using non-toxic, water-soluble wood stains which do not hide the natural surface of the wood. In this way, the relationship to the wood is retained.


varnishingOiling: In the Ostheimer oiling and varnishing workshop the figures are finally treated with oil or shellac in order to give the colors the greatest possible durability. Before the figures are then placed into storage or transfered to the shipping deparment, they are marked with the Ostheimer insignia, and each figure undergoes a final quality inspection.