Although many figures are sent out from Ostheimer each day, every child receives a unique figure, because each individual figure is meticulously handcrafted; no two are exactly alike. The similarity is often astonishing, but upon closer inspection each is a bit different – absolutely unique.

Family and Farm

farmgirlOne waits in vain for a “moo” when you press our cow on the tummy or turn it on its head. And it won’t walk by itself when you twist a lever… No, none of the toys can do that. But watch a child when it is alone and playing with the figures. See how the cows run across the field… It is the fantasy of our children alone that breathes life into the wooden figures.

People and Animals of the World

We can observe most animals only in the zoo and not as they live in their own habitat. Yet in play we can send lions off to hunt, or we might join a camel at the oasis. In this way it is possible to imagine how all the animals live and survive in their natural environment.


Castle and Fairy Tale

kingandWhen the flourish of trumpets announces the opening of the tournament and the knights ride into the castle’s courtyard under the admiring eyes of the noble folk, the entire family is caught up in the event. Whether a princess needs to be freed from the claws of a dragon or the castle is conquered, fantasy is free to develop.



mangerOne of the “oldest” articles in the Ostheimer collection is the manger. Over the years, it has lost none of its liveliness or symbolic force. It is conceived for “hands on” play. Whether as a manager assortment or a gift that grows with new figures from year to year, the Ostheimer manger scene has become a beloved holiday feature in many homes and families.